Terms of use

The website http://samouelian.gr is an online commercial store selling products and services via the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the online store or website) created and operated by the company under the name IOANNIS SAMOUELIAN, based at Athens, Ifaistou 36 and is legally represented, with TIN. 027639993, Δ.Ο.Υ. A ‘Athinon and GEMI 060509203000, electronic contact address info@samouelian.gr, telephone line of the online store: 210 3212433, (hereinafter for the sake of brevity the COMPANY).
The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the online store with the brand samouelian.gr which is located at www.samouelian.gr. Any user who enters and trades or uses the services of the online store (hereinafter referred to as “visitor” and / or “user” or “customer” depending on whether he is limited to visiting only the store or places and orders and sells products and services) shall be deemed to agree and unconditionally accept the following terms herein, without exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, then it is his responsibility to refrain from visiting, using the website as well as from any transaction or use of the services of the online store.
The products that are resold by the Company are covered by the guarantee of the Official Representation or the official importer in Greece. These products are subject to the warranty terms of the respective dealership with the corresponding warranty years listed. The Company mediates exclusively between the Buyer and the Official Representation for the repair or replacement of a defective product or device. In any case, the repair or replacement of a defective product or device is subject to the discretion of the Official Representation and not the Company.
The Company’s liability is limited solely to the value of the defective device. The Company and its respective suppliers are not liable for any direct or indirect positive or negative damage, negative difference, lost profits, monetary satisfaction for non-pecuniary damage or mental anguish or any other damages that may arise from its use in any way. defective device.
Warranty start date is the date of purchase of the product and is evidenced by the purchase document (retail receipt or sales invoice).
The transfer of products to and from the Company for inspection and repair as well as the shipment of repaired devices is the responsibility of the buyer. Products with an expense charge to the Company will not be accepted.
Used products are not covered by warranty.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by:
From mishandling, misplacement, shock, drop of the device, exposure to extreme levels of temperature or humidity, dripping of liquids and acid leaks of the batteries.
Due to incorrect connection, different current voltage, changes in the voltage of the electrical network and for each use of power supplies, in addition to those specified by the respective manufacturer for each product.
From any attempt to repair a machine in a laboratory or technician outside the Company and for any case where the serial number of the device (serial number) or the distinguishing marks of the device have been altered, changed, removed or damaged.
The warranty does not cover: microphone heads, strings, loudspeakers, coils that have been damaged by misuse (misuse means over-driving the amplifier as well as over-driving the speakers).
The customer is obliged to receive the device delivered to the Company for inspection and repair within a period of three (3) months at the latest from the date of delivery of the device to the Company. After the expiration of the above period, the Company is entitled to destroy and / or dispose of the device without any responsibility or obligation to the customer (the customer providing hereby relevant irrevocable authorization to the Company).
You have the right to return the products you bought within 5 working days from the date you receive the products. In this case you will be charged the cost of returning the products.
Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them, ie their packaging has not been unsealed or damaged, along with the retail receipt or invoice. Returns are not made on books and on wind instruments.
To avoid your own inconvenience, it is good to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order the condition of the products and their intact packaging, in order to identify any obvious defects (eg broken goods, error in the type provided, etc. ).
For your wish to return the products you bought, inform us via e-mail at info@samouelian.gr or call 210 3212433 and talk to one of our representatives. The address to which the products must be sent for return is 36 Hephastou, Monastiraki, Athens 10555.
In case you receive a product, open the package and find a defect or lack of components you can inform us by email at info@samouelian.gr to solve the problem.
In case of return of the products and depending on the way you chose to pay for your order and on the other hand the way in which their return will take place, your refund will be completed within 10 days from the date we receive the products.
The refund is made after the returned products are checked for their condition by the competent employees of our company and our store.
For any cancellation of an order (in whole or in part) you should send an e-mail to info@samouelian.gr or call 210 3212433 to speak with a representative of samouelian.gr. This feature is offered to you until the moment of sending your order. Cancellation is not possible after this time.
samouelian.gr reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions ..